Joseph Mulak

Joseph Mulak is an author of, primarily, horror fiction and has trouble taking About the Author notes seriously.

He was unleashed upon the world one cold, January morning in 1980.  His mother, knowing the evil she had created, gave him to a loving, unsuspecting family. They still have not forgiven her. 

At the age of 13, his mother gave him a Stephen King book, which began a lifelong love of the horror genre. So he knows who to blame for how messed up he is. 

Joseph began publishing in 2009 with his first story, As in Life, So in Death. Since then, he has published several more stories as well as a collection of short fiction, Haunted Whispers; the novel, Ashes to Ashes; and the novella Little Angels.

He lives in North Bay, Ontario with his wife, Alicia. He has five children whom he is trying to corrupt but still hasn't quite succeeded.